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How to Report on Facebook about any Offensive Post and Fake Profile?

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The Facebook group is a nice approach to meet with new people, discuss on various topics. We can manage Facebook groups according to friends, family, and business separately.

But recently I have seen some people use these groups for spamming. People with fake profile post spam links, abusing special community phishing links, and pornography links etc.. and most of Facebook users don’t know how to deal with this post, as a result they start commenting embarrassing and abusing things. Today, I am about to show how to stop or remove these offensive post and comments and get rid off fake profile by reporting it to admin of that group or making report to Facebook as well.
It may take few minutes to some days to review but generally Facebook review your report within 24 hours (on my experience). You can see what action has been taken on your report on Support Dashboard listed in Settings.

How to report inappropriate Post ?

  1. Drag your mouse at the top right corner of the post, there you will see a down arrow click it, from drop down menu select how you want to report.
  2. Follow the directions to report.

From the pop window choose the matter with post then continue

According to chosen possibility there may be another list, to point the exact problem then continue and submit ti Facebook for review.

How to Report Fake Profile or if your Friend Profile Hacked?

  1. Go to the profile
  2. Click on the cover photo and choose report
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to report.

How to Report offensive Comments?

  1. Click on cross button (x) and select Report
  2. From pop up window follow the on-screen directions to file a report.
What happens when you report something to Facebook?
Facebook say that Reporting something to Facebook doesn’t guarantee that it will be removed. Facebook review it and remove anything that doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.
Does the person will know that you reported his/her content?
NO, Facebook say that Don’t worry, your report is anonymous. We don’t include any information about the person who filed the report when we reach out to the person responsible.

By these method you can Report any offensive or spam post, comment, page, group, profile. Below there few helpful links on safety:

Help Reporting a violation

Reporting a Hacked Facebook account

For more info. how Facebook Reporting works see below image (click to enlarge)

So report and build your and your friends Facebook atmosphere safe from spam and violence.
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Enable God Mode in Windows 7 & 8

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You must have heard God Mode in the gaming world. But God Mode in Windows? what is it? Actually it is a folder that lets users to access all control panel settings in a single window.

By this you can customize your settings and explore hidden controls in the operating system. Enabling God Mode in Windows 7 & 8 is very easy. Just follow below step and get full access in single click

1> Right click on Desktop
2> Select New > Folder
3> Now Rename the Folder to the following
GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}  You will notice change in folder icon like below

Now you can open the folder and access various known-unknown control options in single window.

Use Pen Drive as RAM to Boost your System

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We all know the processing speed of any application/task depends on your system RAM (random access memory). Now a days many programs take lots memory during operation and slow down your system speed. For instant ready-boost you can use your USB drive as RAM. When you increase your RAM it makes equal to speed of the system.
Make your pen-drive work as ready-boost in few steps.

For Windows 7 & 8:

1. Insert your USB Drive
2. Format it
3. After formatting it, right-click on your USB drive
4. Select Properties
5. Click on ReadyBoost tab

6. Now click on use this device
7. Now move the slider to the maximum size
8. Click Apply and OK
Now restart your PC and you are ready to use USB Drive as RAM in your PC.

For Windows XP:

1. Insert your USB Drive
2. Right Click on My Computer
3. Select Properties
4. Click on system properties
5. Click on Advance Tab

6. Now in performance click on Settings
7. Now click on Advance and then on Change
8. Now select your USB drive, that you want to use as RAM
9. After selecting your USB drive, click on Custom size
10.Now Change this limit according to your Pen Drive limit
11.Click on Set button and click on OK.
Restart your computer for the changes to take affect & enjoy.

Please Note:

  • Do not remove the USB. It’ll crash your system.
  • Don’t think if you use 4GB/8GB USB drive it will act as 4GB Ram. It justincrease the performance of system.

How to Password Protect your Pendrive without any Software

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We all know the importance of USB stick. It is the one of the easiest way to share or transfer your files, data between computers. But what if your pen-drive having some secret data or having files which you don’t  want to get checked by any other person.
For these types of situations you need to lock your pen-drive with password. On internet lots of paid as well as free software available to secure your pen-drive. But today I’m going to explain you that how you can password protect your pen-drive without any software.
Procedure To Password Protect (Win7 & Win8)
  • Insert your USB drive to computer
  • Click on Start
  • In ‘Search programs and files’ box, type Bitlocker Drive Encryption
  • Now click it to open. You will find your pen-drive in last and click on Turn on Bitlocker
  • Select password  to unlock your pen drive
  • type your desired password
  • Click Next
  • Choose  save the recovery key to a file
  • You can also print recovery key
  • Choose the safe destination for recovery key because in case you forgot your password it will help you to unlock your USB
  • and then tap Next.
  • Then click on Start Encrypting.
It may take a few minutes in Encrypting depending upon size of pen-drive.
You can check it by removing and again re-inserting the pen drive.The System will ask you to enter the password to access the data.

Now your all data remains safe. Also in case your pen drive is lost or gets stolen then also no one can use it without password.
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Make Animated GIF from YouTube videos in few clicks

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Have you just watched any cool video on YouTube and want to make animated GIF to use on your forum, website or on your phone. But don’t know how to Photoshop or you just don’t want to use Photoshop. Then you are at the right place, today I will tell you some simple method to create animated GIF images with few mouse clicks.
Animated GIFs are one of the most popular image styles to get attention on any web page or on any cellphone. A GIF file, simply is an image container that is capable of holding multiple images that cycle at a given time.
People use gif image on various forums, Google+, MySpace and also as avatar. Many of us use animated images on our mobile phones as screensaver etc.

Method 1:
Using Google chrome extension
It  is the easiest way to save a YouTube video or any HTML video as a GIF image.
1> Install this MakeGIF Video Capture to chrome
2> Play your video on youtube or web page that has embedded YouTube or any HTML video you want
3> Click on  MakeGIF Video Capture button

4> Click the Start button. When you are done, click Stop and a GIF will be generated.
Under capure settings you can also customize size, capture FPS, frames, quality of gif image you would like to.

You also have an option to add overlay text to GIF or reverse the animation (under Frame option).

5> Click Save GIF to download your gif image.

Method 2:
Using Online tools 

1.  YT2GIF

Just visit the website and put the URL of the YouTube video from which you want to make a GIF.

 2. imgflip

It is also free service but require signup to convert you tube video in animated gif. You can also upload video (mp4 format) to convert it gif image.

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How to view inside any YouTube Private video without sign-in


As you all know YouTube is the best site to share videos. Over 35 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Some of videos are private which can only viewed by uploader and only some you-tube user which are selected by uploader. Also there many age restricted videos which require Google signing to view that. But if you don’t have a Google account (which could be not possible Smiley) or some time if don’t want to sign in so, here is trick to view inside private video.
For example, heres a private video
(Theres nothing interesting inside except its private nature uploaded by

Trick 1 
Preview YouTube Videos as Thumbnail Images before watching
See YouTube videos as thumbnail images before loading them. It will help to verify whether the video is the one that you are looking for or not.
This method is really useful for those who have limited data plan or slow connection speed.It helps you helps you save bandwidth and time.
1. In the URL, find the Video ID, which should be something like this (Text in Red is the ID)
2. Now you can use this ID in the following URLs to get three frame stills
  • Image 1: ID/1.jpg
  • Image 2: ID/2.jpg
  • Image 3: ID/3.jpg

Now copy above url & replace video ID



Trick 2

Watch full Video without sign-in [may not work for Private video]
Now here has the real hack trick comes. To view any restricted video which require google signing.
  • Remove watch? from the url
  • Replace ‘=’ with ‘/ ‘
  • Like-
  •  Click Enter.

By this trick the video gets unlocked and able to see in full window without sign-in.

Please Note: This trick only for educational purpose, we understand YouTube Age-restricted content Policy and don’t encourage anybody to use this trick.
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Calculate Age in days/ hours/ minutes BY IRSHAD KHAN – 02:16


Hello Friends today I’m sharing a tool by which you can calculate your age not only in years but even also in days and minutes. This will interesting to just know how many days, month, hours, minutes have been passed since your time of birth.

Age Calculator

Date Of Birth:


You have been living for:

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How to Share Animated GIF Pictures on Facebook


Animated pictures get our eye’s attention easily whether it’s on any website or social networking sites. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow any user to post or share animated gif. This may be the because Animated pictures on Facebook might decrease the page speed and efficiency. But today I’m going to share a working trick by that you can post/share some animated pics on facebook.
Actually about a year ago few geeks got success in uploading animated pics by some trick, but facebook patched that technique. Luckily facebook hasn’t removed their existing shared pictures.
Below I’m some existing shared pictures which you can share and also post status with animated gif. on facebook.


Just click on gif. image



If you don’t want yo show our page name info. then follow these steps:


You’re done!
You can also select where you want to share…

We will definitely update if we found more animated pics or new method for uploading gif. image on FB.

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Cookies on the Internet




As you sit at your computer and surf the Internet, you can’t help but be amazed at how the Internet has opened up one’s ability to visit lands and sights and gather information you might never be able to without it. Indeed entering an area of interest and with a simple click of a mouse, you receive potentially millions of ways to explore the subject of your choice.


But something that is frequently looking for you as you search are cookies.  Cookies are small text files, sometimes encrypted. They are often located in web directories and are placed by web developers to allow visitors to travel their sites in an organized manner. Session cookies store information about a visitor’s travels on the sight, allowing the visitor to pick up where they left off, following an interruption. If you happen to be doing some shopping on a site, cookies can also keep track of your choices as you go along, not requiring you to list everything you selected at the end of your session.  Cookies should not be considered viruses.


Cookies are made up of simple text, not code. Thus, they can not receive an order to execute and they are unable to execute by themselves. They are unable to copy themselves or spread to other networks and wreak havoc.  However there is a chance for cookies to be used as a form of spyware, as they contain information regarding a visitor’s browsing history and preferences. However most common computer security products and anti-spyware programs are knowledgeable about cookies and frequently bring them up for deletion following security scans.  
While cookies are unavoidable while surfing the Internet there are two things one can do to keep protected. One is to set your browser’s cookie setting to a security level you are happy with. The second is to keep a reliable and updated security and anti-spyware program on your computer.  Being aware of and ready for experiences with cookies will allow you to surf the Internet with confidence.

Automatic Shutdown Windows PC with Timer

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You can find many software related to auto shutdown but here in this post you will learn that how you can set timer to shutdown your windows PC without any software.

This post will help you when you are downloading any movie or a game which going to take hours to complete. And then, you need to sleep or suddenly you have to leave for some urgent work. Then this shutdown timer trick surely will help you.

First Method:
1. Right Click Mouse on your Desktop & Choose New > Shortcuts
2.  In the Pop window which says “Type The Location Of The Shortcut” typeshutdown -s -t 3600

Remember 3600 is the amount of seconds before Windows Shutdown
For example: 60secs*60mins=3600secs, you can change 3600 with your need.
3. Type your shortcut name. You’re done.
4. Now Double click the shortcut you recently created to activate.

How to Abort
1.To abort shutdown create another shortcut.
2. change Location Of the Shortcut to “shutdown -a” without the quotes.
3. Name the shortcut.Simply double click to abort.
You will get notification about shutdown cancellation.

Alternate Method:
1: Go to Start > Run
2: Type this Code “at 11:35 shutdown -s” without quotes & click OK.
Note:All The Time is in 24-Hours Format
For Example:If you want to shut down at 9:00pm, you should type ‘at 21:00 shutdown -s‘ without quotes.

How to Abort
Repeat the Step 1 & Enter the Code “shutdown -a” without quotes & click OK.

So, this is simple and useful trick to schedule automatic shutdown in windows without use of any software.
If you find this trick useful then please share and feel free to ask any queries.

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