Automatic Shutdown Windows PC with Timer

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You can find many software related to auto shutdown but here in this post you will learn that how you can set timer to shutdown your windows PC without any software.

This post will help you when you are downloading any movie or a game which going to take hours to complete. And then, you need to sleep or suddenly you have to leave for some urgent work. Then this shutdown timer trick surely will help you.

First Method:
1. Right Click Mouse on your Desktop & Choose New > Shortcuts
2.  In the Pop window which says “Type The Location Of The Shortcut” typeshutdown -s -t 3600

Remember 3600 is the amount of seconds before Windows Shutdown
For example: 60secs*60mins=3600secs, you can change 3600 with your need.
3. Type your shortcut name. You’re done.
4. Now Double click the shortcut you recently created to activate.

How to Abort
1.To abort shutdown create another shortcut.
2. change Location Of the Shortcut to “shutdown -a” without the quotes.
3. Name the shortcut.Simply double click to abort.
You will get notification about shutdown cancellation.

Alternate Method:
1: Go to Start > Run
2: Type this Code “at 11:35 shutdown -s” without quotes & click OK.
Note:All The Time is in 24-Hours Format
For Example:If you want to shut down at 9:00pm, you should type ‘at 21:00 shutdown -s‘ without quotes.

How to Abort
Repeat the Step 1 & Enter the Code “shutdown -a” without quotes & click OK.

So, this is simple and useful trick to schedule automatic shutdown in windows without use of any software.
If you find this trick useful then please share and feel free to ask any queries.

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