How to Share Animated GIF Pictures on Facebook


Animated pictures get our eye’s attention easily whether it’s on any website or social networking sites. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow any user to post or share animated gif. This may be the because Animated pictures on Facebook might decrease the page speed and efficiency. But today I’m going to share a working trick by that you can post/share some animated pics on facebook.
Actually about a year ago few geeks got success in uploading animated pics by some trick, but facebook patched that technique. Luckily facebook hasn’t removed their existing shared pictures.
Below I’m some existing shared pictures which you can share and also post status with animated gif. on facebook.


Just click on gif. image



If you don’t want yo show our page name info. then follow these steps:


You’re done!
You can also select where you want to share…

We will definitely update if we found more animated pics or new method for uploading gif. image on FB.

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