Internet Scams


Internet scams are widespread and financially harm many people on a daily basis. It is important to know the names and operating methods of the various types of Internet scams that are so prevalent. Protection and being proactive are the foundations of keeping private information and finances secure. Nigerian scam were the first type of scams to become an issue and is still a popular scam. The recipient will receive an e-mail where they are told they will get a large sum of money but must pay an amount to cover bank fees. When the fee money is sent, the recipient never hears from the scam artist again.

Job offers are of a different type of scam. The recipient is offered a job in a foreign country and must supply their banking information in order to get paid. Once the scam artists have that information, they use the account to store stolen money. Foreign girlfriend scams prey on the emotions of men by Russian women offering to fly to the man’s country to meet him but once the money is sent for the trip, the women disappear with the cash. Social networking scams involve a person’s log-in information stolen for popular social networks such as Facebook.

Once the scam artist has this information they will post to the person’s wall or to the person’s friends that they are on vacation and need cash wired to them as soon as possible. Foreign lotteries are similar to the Nigerian scams where the recipient is informed that they have won a foreign lottery but must pay upfront costs to cover the winnings. Once the payment is sent, the scam artist disappears. Mistake scams involve a person buying an item from a person selling something online. The scam artist will pay immediately via check but for an amount above the cost of the item. They will claim it was a mistake and to please send back the difference. Once they get this amount, the check will bounce and the person who sent the money to the scam artist will lose that money.

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