The 20 Best Online Games You Should Play Today

Online games are primarily time killers that offer a low-cost option for players to escape everyday boredom. Below are 20 of the best online games available, from mindless entertainment to complete grind fests.Wonderputt

  1. Wonderputt While golf may not be for everyone, this mini-golf game takes a unique approach and brings it’s courses to life with it’s puzzle box design.

Frog Fractions

  1. Frog Fractions Frog Fractions is a hilarious and crazy game that is best experienced when you go in blind. What seems like a mundane game on the surface changes significantly when you delve deeper.

Game of Bombs

  1. Game of Bombs A recreation of the ever popular Bomberman game from the original Playstation, Game of bombs makes it easy to experience one of the most addictive multiplayer games of all time.

Die 2 Nite

  1. Die 2 Nite This is an online multiplayer text based zombie game, that is unexpectedly involving. Be careful or you might just get hooked.


  1. Samorost Amanita Design’s games are notably quirky and hilarious, and the first one is no exception!

PolycraftAbobo’s Big Adventure

  1. PolycraftTower defense game meets Zelda and Crash Bandicoot, making this a very unique take on the genre. Be prepared to sink a lot of time into this one.
  2. Abobo’s Big Adventure Labeled by the developers as “The ultimate tribute to NES” this game is sure to ring all of the nostalgia bells for long time gamers. But even the younger generations will appreciate the humor in this one.

Tanki Online

  1. Tanki Online If you like tanks and deathmatch style games, Tanki Online will surely be right up your alley. With a wide range of turret upgrades, there’s plenty to keep your interest and annihilate your opponents.


  1. Superhot Superhot is one of those insane success stories, and rightfully so. This Unity game is a first person shooter in which time stands still when you do, making for some amazingly epic shootouts.

  1. In this HTML5 game, your snake will follow your cursor and the goal is simple: eat or be eaten!

Spelunky HTML 5 Runescape

  1. Spelunky HTML 5 Spelunky is a modern classic with it’s unforgiving permadeth mechanics and randomly generated levels.
  2. Runescape Runescape is an MMORPG with over 200 million players! And the best part? It’s free-to-play!

Wolfenstein 3D

  1. Wolfenstein 3D Often considered the first true FPS by purists, Wolfenstein 3D may leave a lot desired graphically, but remains a classic of the genre.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy This text-based adventure game is only loosely based on the books, providing a unique in-game experience.


  1. Spaceplan Spaceplan is a game that has a lot hidden beneath the surface waiting to be uncovered. A little time with this one, will reveal many layers of depth.


Robot Unicorn Attack

  1. Robot Unicorn Attack This is a classic mindlessly entertaining game that is easy to play, and easy to kill a lot of time with.

Japanese Breakquest

  1. Japanese Breakquest Japanese Breakquest is a charming retro turn-based RPG with fantastic music, and stuffed with indie references.


  1. Ztype Asteroids meets typing game in this brilliant educational browser game.

A Dark Room

  1. A Dark Room This unfolding gem has a story driven, classic text-based adventure feel.

The Oregon Trail

  1. The Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail was initailly an educational game to help teach students about 19th century pioneers. The game has players collecting resources and works much like modern day survival games.